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Kosher Certification - General Terms & Conditions

Here you will find the General Terms and Conditions of BIR Badatz Igud Rabbonim, which serve as the basis for contracts between BIR and the customer unless otherwise agreed

BIR Kosher certification is a service which permits entities (hereinafter referred to as "customer") from the food industries or food distribution to produce at conditions defined and stipulated by BIR Badatz Igud Rabbonim (hereinafter referred to as "BIR").

1. Range of application, changes, publication.
1.1 The BIR conditions regulate the use of the BIR label and are an integral part of the General Business Conditions and the User Guidelines for BIR certification services. The conditions for BIR certification services follow the General Business Conditions as well as the User Guidelines for BIR certification services.
1.2 The latest and binding version of the BIR certification conditions is published on the Internet at GTC.html.
1.3 The most recently updated and binding version of the BIR certification conditions is effective as soon as it is published in the Internet at the Internet address given in par. 1.2. BIR reserves the right to change the Kosher certification conditions at any time.

2. Requirements for BIR Kosher certification.
2.1 BIR certification service may be used only by "BIR approved customers” who have entered into a contract with BIR as certification provider and who are approved by BIR. It may be used only by customers for their very own purposes.
2.2 BIR certification may be used only for the facility production subscribing to the BIR Kosher certification service.

3. Use of BIR certification.
3.1 The customer shall use BIR certification in accordance with the User Guidelines for BIR Kosher certification services.

4. Remuneration.
4.1 The customer shall pay a yearly amount in advance. Payment is due always at the end of the month preceding the year of use.
4.2 Should the customer not make payment of the annual fee, BIR is entitled to discontinue the BIR certification service following the disregarded request for payment. After the second notice, BIR may automatically cancel the contract with immediate effect and delete all the customer data and procedures necessary for the Kosher service.

5. Contract begin, contract duration, contract termination.
5.1 BIR certification may be used on the first workday following the final approval, after BIR has sent confirmation and L.O.C. to the customer by e-mail. BIR is authorised to reject applications without stating reasons.
5.2 The contract is entered into for an unspecified time. It may be terminated by the customer at the earliest, three (3) months after the contract begins, always before the 15th of the month preceding the year of Kosher certification. Termination must be effected by regular mail.
5.3 BIR is authorised, however, to cancel the contract automatically and with immediate effect without notification if the customer defaults according to par. 4 or to par.2 of the BIR certification conditions, or has misused BIR certification rulings.

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